Mizpah Suikerbossie 84.2 % HBSA

(Mizpah Bonzo 83% HBSA x Mizpah Doyley 81% HBSA)

born: 14.09.05
height: 60 sm
weight: 56 kg

Bossie - is bright and attractive female, with excelent breeding qualities. She has a nice body , beautiful boerboel head, which is quaite a rarity amongst today's boerboels. Bossie - typical "pioneer" boerboel, that you won't see often nowadays. Her name is totally suits her character and temperament. She is sweet and beautiful as a flower. (afrikaans* - sugar flower)

She is an exceptionally obedient boerboel with joyful and easy-going temperament, and she is being loved by all other dogs of our kennel. With her ecellent proportions, head and bone structure, she is an exclussive breeding female, the one that any breeder can dream of. Bossie is rather prepotent by her color and produces excellent quality pups. 

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