Savanna Boerboele Europa

(Barklay 86.1% HBSA х SB Kamilla, 82% HBSA)

born: 23.01.06
height: 63 см
weight: 57 кг
ED: 0:0

Europa -  is one of our best breeding females. She is perfectly balanced boerboel,  due to a favourable mixture of different bloodlines: Marvell Mandela Patricius from mother's side (SB A' Kamilla), and  Van Marcos Wietboet, from her father's side (Barklay). She is very agile dog, with nice trained body, with outstanding breeding qualities, produces beautiful and healthy, strong litters. 

She gained certain heights in showing career as well;

Champion of RKF/FCI, 4 x Best of Breed, 5 CAC, 2 x Champion of RFOLS, 4 x Best in Class


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