Savanna Boerboele Velvet 84% HBSA

(Marvell Mandela Patricius 88.6% HBSA x Б' Мучача, 86.2% HBSA)

born: 25.06.04
height: 65 sm
weight: 58 kg

Velvet is one of the most impressive breeding females of our kennel.  She is rather imposing and inherited the phenotype of her father - Marvell Mandela Patricius and perfect boerboel temperament of her mother - B' Muchacha. Behind the big, strong body you will find a very gentle, obedient and loving boerboel. 

Velvet is our kennel's granted "Baby Sitter", as she takes exeptional care not only after her own pups, but of all the puppies ever born right after they open their eyes, and they also accept her as their second mother.    

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