Savanna Boerboele Nobel, 86.7% EBBASA  
(Geil of Veld FSA х Savanna Boerboele Europa)

born: 11.04.09
height: 66 см
weight: 60 кг

Nobel - handsome, young boerboel - the result of our breeding, grandson of legendary Marvell Mandela Patricius. He has wonderful ancerstors in his bloodline, such as Van Marcos Wietvoet, Egoli Jason, Mizpah Bakkop, Vrystaat Mascarella, Avontuur Anton.

Nobel is an outstanding sportive boerboel with fast reactions and impressive powerful movements. He has a joyful nature, and he would never escape the opportunity to compete with other dogs in running or playing.  Nobel is typically working boerboel, he had been trained and serving in  r-9 police department for more than a year, and successfully graduated special training courses (OKD-1), and perfectly passed the temperament test (T-1) .   His wonderful temperament appeals to all our kennels' visitors. It is very gentle, loving friend, and a serious guardian when needed. Despite his young age, Nobel probed himself to be an excellent stud-male. He had sired several litters, and his offsprings show the same qualities as the sire, bright color and appearance, good health, strong muscled bodies, with perfect running abilities. 

His also demonstrates great show-results, that speak for themselves:

Champion of RKF/FCI, Champion of Russia, multi-winner of RFLS, RFSS, OANKOO,  4х BIG, 2 х BIS, 6 BoB.

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